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15.4 inch MacBooks? Maybe coming to an Apple Store in May.

From Engadget

“Taiwan-based DigiTimes is back this morning with more 15.4-inch MacBook rumors. According to “industry sources in Taiwan,” Apple is prepping for a Q2 release of the bigger, badder cousin to their 13.3-inch MacBook — aligning nicely with the “May 2007” date we heard back in October. However, it’s not the manufacturer of the 13.3-inch MacBook — Asustech Computer — that won the contract. Nope, instead Apple selected Quanta Computer who along with Foxconn pump out the MacBook Pro line-up. Now move along kids, it’s just a rumor, there’s nothing more to see here… until May of course.”

New MacBooks?

This would be great in my opinion. I am in the market, or will be in the market for a laptop, and the MacBook looks good to me. Even if Apple does come out with 15.4 inch models, I might go with the regular MacBook size… that is unless they ax the original size for the newer model. But I don’t think Apple would do that. Too many people like the almost ultra portable MacBook as is.

I guess I will just have to wait until May to find out.


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