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The Voltaic Backpack, a backpack with solar pannels


I am looking for a good backpack to take with me to Spain in March. I am going to try and fit a weeks worth of clothes and other travel essentials into the backpack so I don’t have to bring any other luggage with me. (Hey, I am an Eagle Scout, I know how to travel light.) I know that Europe has different electrical sockets and I am going to bring my digital camera with me. With the Voltaic Backpack I wouldn’t have to worry about getting any kind conversion kit.

But I am not sold on this backpack just yet. While the convience of being able to charge various electrical items is applealing, this backpack doesn’t come cheap. It has a price tag of $249. I am not sure if I am ready to put that kind of money into a backpack.

Also if it gets stolen while I am in Spain, I will be SCREWED. But I guess if I buy another backpack and that gets stolen, I would be screwed as well.

This looks like a great backpack, and I might just get it. I only wish there was a way to sort of hide the solar pannels. I don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to myself while I am in Spain.


One Response to “The Voltaic Backpack, a backpack with solar pannels”

  1. That backpack does look pretty cool. It kind of defeats the purpose of “roughing it” if you can recharge all of the comforts you can enjoy at home, but solar power is quite eco-friendly and might put you in touch with nature more. So that’s kind of a Catch-22, I guess.

    And you’re right about hiding it — it kind of looks like you’re carrying an air conditioner (or something) on your back. As an American in Europe, you might get a lot of attention regardless of generating electricity on your back, but it would be nice to hide the panels.

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