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I love LOST, but I have to agree with this guy that LOST is a little lost. Here is a little of what Clever WoT had to say on this issue.

“This, dear producers, is called writing yourself in a corner. When you develop a plotline that you can’t explain without an hour of recapping and narration, you are writing poorly. You can blame the idea that the scenes would be “boring,” but they’re only boring because you set them up that way and can’t figure out how to write yourself out of the hole.”

I am sad to say that I agree with this. I got hooked on the first season of LOST. I mean HOOKED! I had never watched the show until it was already on DVD. My friends showed me a few episodes, and I went out and bought the DVD set of the first season, and spent the next week catching up. But where did all of that momentum go? The show has become slow and slightly boring. While I still watch every week… I am watching to see if there is an end in sight. This series will only end well if it ends soon. Tie things up. That is the only way to do the show justice.

Here is the link to the article where you can read more reasons why LOST is lost.


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