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How Does This Happen Google?


I am new to this whole blogging thing. I just started this site last week. I am very pleased with the amount of traffic I have been getting. Granted, it is a really small amount compaired to what the other Tech Related blogs are getting. Still, I think it is great that I have been able to get what little traffic I have.

I have been watching how you have been getting here, be it through Digg or through Google. What I find strange is that with the search phrase “LifeHacker Woot Watcher” my site comes up first. FIRST! Before LifeHacker’s site. In fact, LifeHacker comes up thrid on the list. Shouldn’t they come first? I mean, I linked to their site…and LifeHacker is in the search phrase.

Oh well. I am just glad that people are coming here. So thank you.


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