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Movinflicks…Free Movies?


I saw Ghost Rider last night. Yeah, yeah…it sucked monkey balls. And usually I would be pissed that I just spent $10 to see a crappy movie. Well, I wasn’t pissed after watching Ghost Rider because it didn’t cost me a thing.

Now I have no idea how legal or illegal this website is. My guess is that it is not very legal… Movinflicks has a few movies that you can watch for free. They come up in a Divx player. Some of these movies are in HD…I don’t really think it is HD, but it looks better than what Ghost Rider looked like. The HD movies take longer to load, but its worth it to see movies for free.

So check it out before it gets shut down.


One Response to “Movinflicks…Free Movies?”

  1. ghost rider is shit

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