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Sorry for not posting anything new in a LONG time…

Hey everyone… or all 23 people who read this blog,

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything new in about a month. I have been really busy with work, and then I went to Spain for vacation, and I am now just getting back into the swing of things. I am still an avid tech fan, and plan on keeping this blog going with what I think is the coolest tech news. But I think I will do most of my postings on the weekends from now on. That is when I have the most time, and I can take a look at what happened the past week and compile a list of what I feel are the best tech stories. If I have time during the week, I will post a blog or two, but I don’t think I can keep up with posting 10 stories everyday.

So look for new stories coming in on Saturdays and Sundays. Thank you for continuing to visit my blog, even though I have been absentminded the past few weeks.


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