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Final Cut Studio 2


As a video editor/DVD author, the Final Cut Studio 2 looks great. I already own Final Cut Studio, and it would cost me only $500 to upgrade. Considering what comes in that huge box, $500 is extremely cheap! I have taken a look at the video demos of all the programs that come with Final Cut Studio 2, and I am impressed, except for one thing. There is no upgrade for DVD Studio Pro! They are still on version 4.

Other than that, FCP can now handle multiple video formats in one timeline. Motion can now do 3D. There is a new program called Color, which is an in depth color corrector, which was badly needed. They also released Final Cut Server, which looks cool, but personally I have no use for it. The company I work for might, but for my freelance work, there is no need for a media server.

Personally I am really excited to play around with Motion 3. I would love to create some cool 3D animations. But I will have to wait until I really get to play around with all of that stuff, because I don’t have an extra $500 to spend at the moment. When I do get the big box, I will let you know what I think.


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