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GameStop Offering 360 Elite Trade-Ups

Good news for everyone who has a 360 but wants the Elite.

Here is what Kataku had to say about the matter.

“After getting various conflicting answers over the past few days regarding GameStop and EBGames trade-in programs for Xbox 360 owners to upgrade to the soon to be released 360 Elite, it has now been confirmed that they will indeed be offering greater trade-in credit for core, premium, and original Xbox systems to aid the purchase of the shiny new black system.

As late as yesterday I was getting reports from stores stating there would be no program, but today all of the stores I talked to yesterday have changed their tune, stating that the premium systems would be worth $250 (from $190), with cores fetching $200 and first-gen Xbox systems being worth $50.

The trade-in credit can be used towards anything, so if you were looking to offload an original Xbox, now would be the time.

I’ll be seeing the GameStop manager who yesterday assured me there would be no trade-in program of any sort later today. If he winds up missing I was at your house the whole time. Michael Fahey”

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