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Apple thinking about Christmas in August?


I got an email from Apple yesterday that pissed me off. Here is what the email said:
“Get an early start on your company’s holiday shopping with iPod, iPod accessories, and iTunes Gift Cards.** From volume order pricing to laser engraving your message or logo, we have the gifts to simplify the season.”

OK, I can understand wanting to get a jump on the holiday shopping season… but in AUGUST?! Come on! I get pissed when I see Halloween stuff in stores before October (which by the way I have already seen). This is just madness.

On another note, do you think that this means Apple wants to get rid of all their old iPods to make room for new versions? My guess is that we will see new iPods from Apple in September or October. Why? Because it is about time and those are the months when Apple has released new iPods in the past.

So I will be waiting to finally upgrade my 3rd Gen. iPod until later this fall.


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