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Thoughts on the iPhone


This weekend I spent a little time with a friend’s iPhone. Before this this, I had only gawked at a co-workers iPhone. Now that I have spent some quality time with Jesus phone, here are my thoughts.

**Disclaimer**First off, this is not a review. If I ever decide to drop some serious cash on a phone and buy one of these things, I will be sure to give you my review. This is just what I liked and didn’t like about the iPhone from playing with it for a few hours.

I really like the way the iPhone looks and feels. It is very slim and the screen is amazing. My friends iPhone even had a case around it, and I never really knew it was there.

I played around with the camera, Safari, Google Maps, and the phone book. (Hey, I only had like an hour with it, and for part of that hour, I was out at the bars.) I thought the camera took some decent pictures, better than my Razr at least. Safari was BUTT SLOW using AT&T’s EDGE network. I didn’t use it with WiFi, because there was no open network at the time. Google Maps was kind of neat, but I didn’t spend much time with it. Finally the phone book was nice. Very much like the Phone book application on OSX.

Call Quality:
I made a few drunken phone calls in some loud places. It sounded like any other phone I have done that with. I had a hard time hearing who I was talking to, but that was because of the external noise, not the phone. I think all phones should have louder ear pieces. I have a hard time hearing when it is quite. (No, I am not going deaf.)

Cool Factor:
Well the iPhone is so cool, it helped my friend get a date. Well, maybe it was the fact that he ran into an Apple fan girl that helped, but I like to think the phone did most of the work for him. If a phone can help you get a date, well, that is just rad.

Overall impression:
I really like the iPhone. At first I wanted to wait for the second generation iPhone to come out before I would consider buying one, but this weekend’s experience has changed my mind a little. I already have a contract with AT&T that runs out in November, but I was sort of looking forward to getting away from the evil empire. If I do decide to go with another carrier, I was leaning towards Helio. I really like the Ocean… well I say that, but I haven’t played with one yet. I like the way it looks and it has a coolness factor all it’s own. But until I can get my hands on an Ocean, I won’t be able to decide if I want to stay with AT&T and get the iPhone, or go with Helio and get the Ocean.

So if anyone out there would like to send me a Helio Ocean to play with, that would be awesome.

What are your thoughts? iPhone or Ocean?


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