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Some great sites for cheap cables

Whenever I find great web sites, I like to pass them on to my friends. So I am going to drop some knowledge on your ass.

These sites are great for cables. What kind of cables you ask? Well all kind of cables, like audio cables, video cables, and computer cables.

I only have two of these sites for you as of now, but they are both great. The first is I have bought some HDMI cables from them, and they have been great. I believe I only spent $10 for a 6 foot HDMI cable. That might cost you close to $100 at Best Buy.

The second site is Blue Jeans Cable. They also have similar deals, but I have never used them.

So if you just bought that awesome HDTV, get all your cables for cheap from those websites. You will save a TON of money.


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