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It’s TV Watching Season!

This will be a bit of old news for some of you, but for everyone else, this will be AWESOME news.

There are two great programs for the Mac to ensure you never miss your favorite TV show. They are called TV Shows, and Transmission. Now let me tell you what they do.

First you start with TV Shows. It has a list of shows that you can subscribe to. TV Shows takes the hard work of finding the torrent file of last night’s episode of Hero’s (or whatever your favorite tv show happens to be) and does it for you. As soon as someone posts the torrent, TV Shows finds it. Then it hands it off to Transmission, or any bittorrent client you have, but I use Transmission.

Then Transmission downloads that tv show for you.

It’s simple really. I just thought I should share this knowledge with everyone. Enjoy!


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