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Busy week/I’m broke

Sorry I haven’t written anything this past week. I went on vacation and didn’t have time to write.

Last week I had bought a TomTom Go700. I was looking forward to using it on my drive to Michigan, but UPS was lying to me when the said 2 day shipping. Instead it took 3 days, and by that time I was already back in Michigan. Since returning, I have opened up my TomTom and so far, I like it. I believe I will be taking another road trip in a few weekends, so I will write a full review after that.

While I was home, Apple had a few announcements. New iPods and cheaper iPhone. I was really getting excited for the iPod Touch, because my 3rd gen iPod is looking kind of sad. So I was planning on buying a brand spanking new iPod, but when I heard that it would only hold 16Gb, I decided to pass. Although, since I was planning on spending some cash on an Apple product, I decided to get the iPhone.

I LOVE my iPhone so far. Since I was already an AT&T customer, the activation process was easy and painless for me. The interface is great and very easy to use. I wish I could mass text message though… but besides that, I really love the iPhone. Oh, and I went with the now discontinued 4Gb iPhone, because it was cheaper. I don’t plan on really using my iPhone as an iPod, so I am ok with the smaller size.

I will write a full review later this week.

Well now that I am back, I need to make some money because I spent way too much of it over my vacation.

I hope everyone had a great week while I was gone, and thanks again for reading Tech Alchemy.


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